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Introduction To Let’s Build You A Business


Let’s Build You A Business is the missing link for solo-entrepreneurs, network marketers and small business owners to growing their businesses. Most are missing only a few of the essential skills needed to be successful in business such as generating and converting leads. Now these simple yet powerful skills are available to you from someone who’s been all three, solo-entrepreneur, network marketer and small business owner. And I’m here to pass on affordable quality products to grow your business.

Let’s Build You A Business provides business growth tools in these 4 areas at affordable prices:Let's Build You A Business

  • Graphics and Videos– to visually display your products or services
  • Coaching – 30 day unlimited email coaching on any product purchased to ensure you use the products and master the skill that will grow your business
  • Traffic – We all know getting traffic to your product or services is the main issue. We have several affordable solutions to that problem.
  • Products – that provide step by step instruction to overcome business pitfalls like, Email Campaigns and Landing Page Creation and of course, Traffic.

I believe that everyone should have a business. It could bring in $50 a month or $10,000 a month. The point is that in our current economic times, YOU can now take charge of your financial freedom and influence it in astounding ways! I’ve been a victim of “shiny object syndrome” and know that if you focus on one path to making the money you desire, it will work. The problem is being too close to it and dealing with the 80% that is mental to having a successful business. Master the essential daily tasks to reach your goals and you are golden. Whether that is recruiting, driving traffic or creating a product every week. The coaching provided during this process is a surefire way to take you above and beyond your competition. Not to mention the high quality tools and professional services provided to make you look as good as the leaders in your field.

Without a website or service like this which provides essential affordable tools, skills and coaching, reaching your goals of having a successful business is slowed dramatically.  This means, the life you’ve dreamt of living or escaping is now put on hold for yet another year, two or three. You didn’t figuring out how to recruit new members NATURALLY for you, so possibly never. And where does that leave your family and your “Why”? In the same place or even worst depending on how much time has passed. It becomes another regret that you hold onto and never speak of.

But when you get this right with a business selling a small product at just $10 dollars, life changes for the better. Making and creating such a product can easily be done with free software. And driving traffic to such a product can also be done at little or no charge. Meaning that if you establish a presence, find like-minded people looking for your solution and put a buy button in from of them, your bank account will grow and your lifestyle will change. It only takes $1000 to change a person life and that is by selling 100 products! Do you have the time to learn how to sell 100 products using email and while you sleep?

Most of you are already established in your business and have much higher items to sell. Imagine overcoming that one step (with an affordable product or service) that will open up the flood gate to your financial freedom. Getting more engagement through video or having an email campaign that works for you while you sleep like your sponsors have. This is how you increase your profits by 2x, 3x or 5x, through building your own system. Allowing you to provide for your family and any other charity or cause you’d like to contribute to. Provide you with a peace of mind financially and isn’t that what we all want?

I’ve done this for several of my own businesses, other solo-entrepreneurs and local businesses. Everyone is different and have needs. We begin there.

I’ve establish online memberships and Amazon stores online to bring in residual income for in the health and relationship niches for myself.

I’ve coached licensed professional counselors to increase productivity and profits while running their own practice.

I’ve brought several customers to small business owners’ doors and established their online presence to their local consumers by using video and driving Facebook traffic.

Now it’s time to use these skills to help you grow your business, all at an affordable rates.

Check out any of the blog posts, banners or products provided here on the site. Choose any product or service that will take your business to the next level. Try to implement the strategies first. Remember that 30 days unlimited email coaching is available with any product purchased. Or schedule a 1 on 1 coaching session to work through any marketing challenges you may be having. We’ll keep it simple.

To your success.

Kevin Davis

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