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How To Use Video To Make Money Online

How To Use Video To Make Money Online – Powerful Video Types


How To Use Video To Make Money OnlineVideo is the most engaging and powerful of all the mediums that can be used to make money online. Why? Because it allows you to create a visual that engages the senses to convey your message. No matter what type of message you want to present to the world, video is the medium to use!

Today I want to focus on three ways to use video marketing to make money online for your business. Those three ways are sales pages videos, promo videos and the “How To” video.

Let’s start with the sales page video.


  1. How To Use The Sales Page Video To Make Money Online

So you have a product to sell but how do you let people know they can purchase it? The sales page video will take care of that. The sales page video is used to get interested prospect to purchase your products.  The length of the sales video varies but normally is determined by the price of the product being sold. Meaning that more details are needed to sell a $97 product compared to a $27 product. Standard in all sales page videos are details such as how this product came to be, what problem it solves and what that solution would mean to you if purchased. Use this type of video to emphasis “the benefits” of your product.

2. How To Use The Promo Video To Make Money Online

The Promo Video is used to promote products or services.  It is simple and direct and focusing on the physical more than the psychological components of selling. A great example would be articles of clothing or photos of food. These videos promote and display the product in a great light that makes the products very desirable. Use this type of video to display your products online if you are in ecommerce.

3. How To Use The “How To” Video To Make Money Online

The “How To” video is the most effective type of video for producing sales. This type of video demonstrates the capabilities of a product. It normally consists of a product such as software being used from start to finish. This real time walk thru instructs step by step on how to accomplish the foretold desire. It instantly produces credibility and removes doubt about how to use the product. Use this type of video to demonstrate how a product works.

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