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How to Use Video To Drive Traffic To Your Offers

How To Use Video To Drive Traffic To Your Offers

How to Use Video To Drive Traffic To Your Offers

How to Use Video To Drive Traffic To Your OffersTraffic is essential to an online marketer because that’s how lists are made. Knowing how to drive traffic to your offers and get people on your list is great. Knowing who to get highly targeted traffic interested in what you have to offer is AWESOME!. Using video to find that out and engage with those prospect is one of the more affective ways to grow your list.

Today I want to talk to you about how to use video to drive traffic. This can be to an offer, product or service. You know video is powerful but how you use it is key. I recommend three places where you should have video. Those are on your website, Facebook and Youtube.

Let’s look a little closer at video and these places.

  1. How to Use Video To Drive Traffic With Your Website

Your website is the second place people look when they want to know more about your business. The first place is Facebook. And if you don’t have simple digestible information about your products and services, you most likely will loose a potential customer.

Having an informative video about your business builds credibility. And helps you greet customers in a professional way.

In every video that you make, there should be a call to action that prompts views to take some action after watching the video. Let them know of your offer, if it will be removed shortly and how to purchase it. Let the video do the selling for you.

2.  How to Use Video To Drive Traffic With Facebook

Facebook loves videos because it prompts engagement. Everyone loves a good video because it draws you in, just like the movies. Use this to your advance.

You can’t sell directly on Facebook but you can use your video to let people know of your offer. There are several ways to do this on Facebook but let’s just choose one. To drive traffic to your offer on Facebook, use the  TAB available on your business page.

Create a video that directs viewers to click the tab to visit your Amazon store or be taken to an affiliate offer. Remember the frequency of giving of information and the promoting of an offers should be 90/10.

3.  How to Use Video To Drive Traffic With Youtube

Youtube is  video central and you should definitely take advantage of that. Make videos that promote your offer and make LOTS of them.

There is power in numbers and having lots of videos that point back to one central place where you have you offer/s is how you should use Youtube.

A blog is the perfect place to send all the traffic from the hundreds of videos you’ve made over the years. Or are in the process of making now. Think of your videos a 2 to 3 minute salesperson working 24/7 to get viewers to your offer.

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