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What To Post On Social Media To Get More Engagement

What To Post On Social Media To Get More Engagement

Social postEngagement on social media means people are interacting with the content on your page and posts.You are having a conversation and building a connections.

There is an active exchange of comments to make your points known. This is good.

It’ the purpose of social media…to be social. So the next question you should ask yourself is this, if engagement online is so important, what should I post on social media to get more engagement?

The answer to that question is quite simple and logical. You should post things that grab your viewers to attention. There are three topics that I like to include in my weekly posts that, if done correctly, will increase engagement.

Those topics are opinions, questions and videos. All three are powerful tools to solicit engagement from viewers on your page or site.

Let’s start with opinions.

Everyone has an opinion but this is your platform and your opinion should be the prominent one. Whether it’s a good opinion or bad, it doesn’t matter because the people who are your viewers and followers are there for a reason.

Having a strong opinion (or feeling passionately) about a topic will command attention. It prompts others who feel the same to publicly agree with your point of view. A great way to do this is to expand on a topic that someone else has written, spoken or expressed their opinion on. Acknowledge their point of view and add more. Use your opinion to fill in the missing pieces or challenge their ideas.

2. What To Post On Social Media To Get More Engagement Using Questions

The subconscious mind is hardwired to seek out answers to the questions that are asked. This is an amazing way to get engagement with social media. It literally forces your viewers to apply the question to their life and seek an answer.

Questions that solicit their opinions are the best. Closed questions that just require a simple answer are best compared to open ended question, which could have lengthy answers. An example would be: “What is your favorite season?”

3. What To Post On Social Media To Get More Engagement Using Videos

Video is the king of engagement online. If you are using video in social media, congratulations on taking your engagement to the next level! Video saves you time and helps your tribe know the real you.

Video can be as simple and recording with your smart phone and uploading or as sophisticated as a Facebook Live. The choice is yours and so is the topic. Any topic can be conveyed using video. Use that to employ your opinion, questions, thoughts on books you’ve read, etc…it goes on and on.

Use these tactics now that you know what to post on social media to get more engagement.

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